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What is Parkour. Why here?

Parkour is the discipline of moving quickly and efficiently through any environment, from the challenges simulated in practice to the realities of everyday life. Parkour utilizes proper jumping, landing, vaulting, and climbing techniques to move about safely, in addition various flipping and tricking movements to create an exciting path. All rolled into one, parkour is the art of self understanding.
Parkour embodies a “You vs. Yourself” mentality which allows students to participate without stress of comparing with peers. It encourages creativity, which evokes curiosity and critical thinking habits. At our school, we construct new obstacles and stations each day, always entertaining the mind and allowing our students to form their own path. When first beginning, students learn the basics of balance and coordination. As a whole-body physical discipline, they develop strength and an understanding of their limitations. They learn to cope with distractions and focus on target to accomplish their goals. Students form camaraderie as they bond over experiences of failure and success, encouraging each other to try again or providing positive feedback. As coaches, we are here to help guide them move forward yet allow them room to think for themselves. This framework inspires confidence and heightens self-esteem which stem into everyday decisions. Parkour becomes more than just a beautiful and rewarding activity, it becomes a way of life.
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