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“Through movement we educate and inspire our students to become confident and responsible individuals, in the gym and in the community.”


Parkour is a young discipline not widely understood by the world. It embodies a “You vs. Yourself” mentality that allows students to participate at their own rate without the stress of comparing with peers. This discipline encourages creativity, which evokes curiosity and critical thinking habits. When first beginning, our students learn the basics of balance and coordination. As a whole-body physical discipline, they develop strength and an understanding of their limitations. One challenging aspect of Parkour is the ability to focus. This combines self-awareness and recognizing strengths/weaknesses to accomplish goals, no matter how big or how small. We’re able to construct entirely new obstacles and stations each day, always entertaining the mind and allowing our students to form their own path in preparation of the real world and its uncertainties. As instructors, we are patient with our students and perceptive of their intentions. We are merely guides, helping our students move forward. This framework inspires confidence and heightens self-esteem which stem into every aspect of life. Parkour is a beautiful and rewarding activity; a way of life.
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