Adult Parkour
Foundations and Flow

Improving the Following:
Coordination, Mobility, Strength
With a Focus on:
Training Safely, Moving Naturally, Having fun


All Levels
Date: Dec 6 – 20, 2017 | Wednesdays
Time: 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.
Date: Beginning Jan 2018 | TBA
Time: TBA
Our adult classes focus on the foundations of Parkour and overall fitness. You’ll learn how to unlock your inner superpowers through exercises in body awareness, acquiring tools to move freely and efficiently in any environment, and sustaining longevity within your lifestyle. Each week we will offer exciting new challenges and experiences for all, plus provide more demanding opportunities for those looking to continue forward. Beginners are welcome and highly encouraged to join!
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adult parkour classes


Examples of these lessons manifesting themselves, experienced by our students:
You’re out for a beautiful mountain hike and you approach a stream, with just some tree limbs laid unsteadily from one side to the other. Fortunately you’ve balanced and accustomed yourself to these sort of challenges in the gym. No sweat. You can just enjoy the obstacle bestowed upon you and carry on with your day!

You’re walking, you trip. As you’re about to sonorously slam into the ground, you instinctively drop into the frog landing, avoiding any injury. Wow. You’re alright! That was pretty fun. Well, not entirely fun but you’re comfortable with falling down!

You’re mountain biking and misinterpret your landing, catapulting yourself over the handlebars. As you soar through the air you analyze the incoming surface and prepare for impact. Parkour Roll! So maybe you scraped up your hands a bit. Not bad! Let’s ride on!