Meet the Superhuman Crew

Parkour Coaches, Nicholas Zaleski

Nicholas Zaleski, Founder // Managing Member
Post-BA MCD Biology, CU Boulder
BA Movement & Sport Sciences, Purdue University
Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
HEADS UP Concussion Certified, CDC
CPR/AED Certified, AHA
Teva: Mountain Games – Vail, June 2011 – Parkour Performer
NBA: Halftime Show – Detroit, April 2011 – Parkour Performer
Red Bull: Art of Motion – Tampa, September 2010 – Competing Athlete

Nick began his Parkour training compelled by his passion for human movement. He discovered a parallel between Parkour and life in persevering to overcome challenges. Whatever the problem, he chipped away piece by piece in search of the answer. This practice took him from novice practitioner to competing and performing with RedBull, the NBA, and various charities as an outreach method. Participating in these events gave him a deeper understanding of the power that movement can produce to build communities and foster growth. He co-founded the first Parkour club at Purdue University, followed by the first Parkour school in the Midwest, and since 2011, the youth Parkour school, Superhuman Academy. Outside of Parkour you’ll find him baking sourdough bread, playing piano, and venturing out and about the mountains of Colorado.


Parkour Coaches, Adam LaPlante

Adam LaPlante, Founder // Head Coach
BS Technology, Purdue University
HEADS UP Concussion Certified, CDC
Fractal Tribe – Boulder, September 2015/Present – Acrobatic Performer
TEDxBoulder – Boulder, September 2015 – Acrobatic Performer
AscenDance Project – Boulder, 2013/2014 – Climbing Performer
NBA: Halftime Show – Detroit, April 2011 – Parkour Performer
Ninja Warrior: Sasuke 26 – Tokyo, October 2010 – Finalist
Red Bull: Art of Motion – Boston, September 2010 – Competing Athlete

Adam has been doing backflips since the age of three with the help of his father. It would make sense then, why his sense of body-awareness is nothing short of extraordinary (well there’s more to it, but let us add that there are some cool studies on acrobatics in children and developing proprioception). Adam understands why it is crucial to begin balance and coordination training at a young age, regardless of movement context. Whenever he’s not focusing on Parkour, Adam is consistently tapping into his creative side in carpentry and acrobatics. And speaking of creativity, maybe you saw him in the beautifully choreographed climbing performances, Ascendance? Oh, and did we mention he was one of the last American Ninja Warrior’s to head to Japan as a finalist? He’s doing something right and he wants to share those lessons and experiences with the up and coming generations of the Parkour community.


Parkour Coaches, Vinnie Coryell

Vinnie Coryell, Member // Associate Director
Vinnie has been very blessed in his movement abilities, and the path it has taken him. He started training Parkour 9 years ago. Within the 9 years of training he’s had the opportunities to become a professional Parkour athlete and travel the US and world teaching workshops, performing, and competing. All of this experience led him to open up a Parkour training facility of his own in Grand Junction, Colorado – the first official Parkour facility on the Western Slope of Colorado, Move to Inspire. Now, he’s partnered in opening the first ever Youth and Special Needs Parkour Facility at Superhuman Academy in Boulder, CO. He hopes to continue pushing his personal abilities, through Move to Inspire, Superhuman Academy, and perhaps others down the road. He wants to help inspire and reach as many individuals as he can to help them achieve their goals, build confidence, and learn as much as possible about themselves and how to help others.


Tricking Coaches, Adem Hasanaj

Adem Hasanaj, Coach // Tricking Extraordinaire
First Degree Black Belt, XMA
NBL World Title: 15-17 Hard Creative Forms – Hilton Head, December 2015
Adem just wanted to be a power ranger when he was younger. Between an impressive amount of energy (still obvious today) and on a quest to master himself, he gravitated toward Extreme Martial Arts (XMA) – a mixture of Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Tricking. For 12 years his passion for the discipline has led him to acquire the first degree black belt and winning a world title in XMA forms. He is now coaching parkour and tricking classes as a means of empowering students to make the right choices while having fun. Adem believes in the power of love, perseverance and in manifesting his dreams by going straight for them!


Parkour Coaches, Kyler Knutson

Kyler Knutson, Media-Man // Filmmaker
BA MCD Biology, CU Boulder
CPR/AED Certified, AHA
Overcome, Superhuman Academy – March 2017 – Filmmaker
Arise Music Festival – 2016/2017 – Filmmaker

Kyler believes that film holds a key role in the progression of Parkour and wants to share its stories with the world. Between his personal progress with Parkour and through his passion and experience with film, he’s been able to spread the teachings of the Superhuman Academy and convey with others their caring nature. Have a look around the website and enjoy his work!



Our Mission

su·per·hu·man [soo-per-hyoo-muhn]
— adj
1. going above or beyond what is human
2. exceeding normal human ability or experience

We utilize parkour as a medium for instilling confidence, creating friendships, and having fun.
With academic backgrounds in human movement and 10 years of professional experience and instructing roles, we utilize an approach that fosters creativity, perseverance, and safety. We educate and inspire our students to become confident and responsible, in the gym and the community.